vit_r (vit_r) wrote,

Moneyfall taming and other lost secrets of ancient ages

Скопирую сюда часть одной дискуссии.

The Model Driven Architecture is incompatible with modern methods because an agile sprint is for MDA a cycle of code generation.

This means the whole work of the Young Agile Generation People is implemented in "pure" MDA with one key press.

Most agile developers have lost their analytical skills in endless chains of small code changes and are now unable to think on the level which is necessary for modelling. Many of them were not trained in such things from the beginning. If we have a tool that understands mathematical or business modelling and uses the language of the problem domain in question, we better ask a mathematician or a business expert to learn the usage of this tool. In the cases I have seen this was the best solution.

In terms of the Modern Agile Language we have a Product Owner who works with a MDA tool instead of a software development team. We do not need Software Developers, Stand-ups, Sprint Backlogs, Scrum Masters, Project Managers and (the worst) Agile Consultants. Testing in any case is the responsibility of users.

Do you believe there are many people in our industry who will support such destructive thing as MDA that destroys sources of money, authority and pride?
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