vit_r (vit_r) wrote,

Про ёжика в тумане, зазнайство, языки программирования и вериги

Хотел ответить одному Специалисту, Консультанту и Прочая по Model Driven Architecture и Другим Чудесам. Но решил, что нафиг. Оставлю здесь на память.

Tom DeMarco, "Controlling software projects", 1982, Prentice Hall, page 75
I began this chapter with an analogy, the specification of a solid figure by three-view projection. Applying some of the terms used in the analogy, we now can consider each of the components of the requirement model a projection onto a different space. So, the functional model - the partitioning into constituent functions and inter-function interfaces - can be thought of as a projection onto function space; the retained data model, a projection onto information space; and the state transition model, a projection onto state space.

It is a miracle how quick the "computer science" loses critical knowledge and how persistent it tries to reinvent a bicycle (with more and more quadratic wheels at each new attempt).
Tags: en, fp, it, quality, se, trends
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