vit_r (vit_r) wrote,

В дебрях водопада

In SCRUM we trust
Agile is a fantastic approach to trap customers into money squeezing cycles and to be successful with really bad teams.

All kinds of cycles are bad, when you have a good team and a parallel discovery is possible. Especially, if prototypes can be really cheap. With paper, pens, markers and a pair of office managers or interns as guinea pigs I can in one day save several months of expensive agile development. I prefer when errors in design, user interactions, software architecture or algorithms land into a paper basket instead of a code base and budget reports.

А ещё я знаю, как, играя на стороне клиента, подловить на agile исполнителя и выжать из него забесплатно дорогостоящую функциональность. Но подрывать основы экономического процветания разработчиков я пока не буду.
Tags: en, it, management, qa, quality, ru, se, usability, ux
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