vit_r (vit_r) wrote,

В дебрях водопада

Начинающий UI/UX Developer спрашивает у народа. Опытный народ отвечает.
- Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to the UX realm (about a year or so) and my background is mostly in cartography, so I don't have any UX pieces in my portfolio. What type of work is good to put in a UX portfolio?...

- Cartography is a good start to put in your portfolio... UX is all about approaching a problem and solving it for a class of users it isn't limited to web or apps.

- I have the same need. I am a designer with a strong print background looking to break into UX design...

- A similar story like me! i found an interesting article which pointed few points on how to break into the realm of UX and Human centered design. The article suggested that we should begin with involving in UX projects at your current job and get involve with designers in current organization...

- I'm a digital and creative recruiter so I work with a lot of hiring managers that are hiring UX professionals. Based on what they have said, the end product is important, however they care more about the process (research, user journey, wireframes, etc.)

Чем моднее область, тем страннее люди. А потом эти эксперты говорят инженерам, что им надо делать.

Кстати, визуальные лингвисты расписали недавно базовые примитивы манги.
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