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К заметкам о фильме не могу не добавить одну цитату

The euphoric era of the bubble economy is over and society seems to be headed for an era of apathy and uncertainty. Reflecting these turbulent times, animator Hayao Miyazaki dispenses with fairytale convention for his stories.

His upcoming film, "Mimi o Sumaseba," (If You Strain Your Ears) based on an Aoi Hiiragi cartoon of the same title, to be released in July, will highlight what adults have lost from their lives and what the younger generation need--love.
"So I think it is wrong that the current education system and a society that gives so much importance to academic background kills individuality of young people." Discover your potential ability so that you can do a better job than others, is the message Miyazaki wants to convey to the younger generation.

"Everything Japan has long been proud of, such as the lifetime employment system and flawless labor- management system, have become cracked from the inside," Miyazaki says. "Many fathers of dankai-no-sedai (1st baby boomers aged 45 to 48) have lost their confidence and come to notice that graduating from a prestigious university and working for a big company doesn't always lead to happiness in their lives as they toil for their families."

Review in The Daily Yomiuri (4/25/95)
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