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Чтобы мухи были здоровыми и полезными, надо следить, чтобы они не жрали всякое говно.

Up to 2050 meat demand will grow by about 70%, but because 80 percent of total land area is already being used for livestock, we need alternative protein sources. About 2,000 insect species are eaten worldwide. Their protein content is similar to conventional meat, but they contain more poly-unsaturated fatty acids, iron and zinc. Environmental benefits of insects compared to conventional livestock are: low emission of greenhouse gases, small land area needed, efficient feed conversion and being able to convert organic by-products into high value protein products. Promising insect species as feed for livestock are the Black Soldier Fly and the House Fly. Food safety can be assured by rearing them under hygienic conditions. For people allergic to seafood proper labelling of the insect product is required. Consumer acceptance increases by providing information and giving people a taste experience. Insects as food and feed have a high potential of becoming a new sector in agriculture and the food and feed industry.
Arnold van Huis "Potential of Insects as Food and Feed in Assuring Food Security"

И не говорите, что сумрачный немецкий гений спит. Сумрачный немецкий гений усиленно обдумывает будущее.

Прикидываю, заглянуть завтра на тусовку, или ну его нафиг. Вдруг, будут образцы на пробу давать.
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