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The education system, in which the famous 'industrial warriors' are trained, is a generally acknowleged back-ground factor for the emergence of the otaku- generation. "In school", says Yamazaki, "children are taught to take in the world as data and information, in a fragmentary way, not systematically. The system is designed for cramming them with dates, names, and multiple-choice answeres for exames. The scraps of information are never combined into a total view of the world. They don't have a knowledge value, but the character of a fetish." For this emphasis on facts, on memory rather than understanding the Japanese language has again found a fitting catch-phrase - 'manual-education'. It doesn't prepare you for life but rather for the ubiquitous quiz-shows on TV where candidates have to produce minute details of the life of Amadeus Mozart, the comic character Ultraman, or the idol-singer Matsuda Seiko. Without any context this 'knowledege' remains just a collection of info-chips....

We can safely assume that a large part of the sex-life of otaku is represented by comic figures in manga, animation and video games. Sex to them is nothing physical but medial. They don't have lovers, in part because they are afraid of each other and find 2-D satisfaction much safer. In that sense the guy from Steven Soderbergh's "Sex, Lies and Videotape" can be thought of as the Western correlate to the post-sexual otaku. Yamazaki offers another explanation: 2-d sex is a reaction to the pressure of male chauvinism. Boys refuse to grow up to become the regular mucho. They don't like to be aggressive. True, in the comics there is a lot of violence, SM, lashing, and bondage, but in the real world they could not do it - they're too shy.
Since we covered sex and rock 'n' roll you might also want to know about drugs. Answer: none. Otaku are anti-somatic. Information is their only drug, but that they preferably take intravenously.

Из статьи "I'm alone, but not lonely"
Japanese Otaku-Kids colonize the Realm of Information and Media
A Tale of Sex and Crime from a faraway Place
by Volker Grassmuck
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