vit_r (vit_r) wrote,

Про прогресс

The ability to achieve a likeness, to convey subtle body language or facial expressions, to stage complex scenes, or employ similar tools of visual communication seem largely missing from many of the most prestigious comics and graphic novels today. Superstar comic artists such as Speigelman, Ware, Panter, Brown, Beaton, Trudeau, Bechdel and many others simply don't speak that visual language. Perhaps it's because they have different aspirations for their art. Perhaps it's because they don't draw well enough to employ the vocabulary. Perhaps those two reasons are related.
The Lost Vocabulary of Visual Storytelling, day 1 from "Illustration Art" blog.

It is amazing that comics and animation suffer from the same problems as the software development.
Tags: art, comics, en, ru, trends
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