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Российским анимешникам повезло, что запретители не читают на английском, и их фантазии хватает только на секс и насилие.
According to Okubo, the aesthetics of “Goth-Loli” (same as “Gosurori.” The common spelling is not yet fixed.) shows influences from Surrealism or German Expressionism while, at the same time, most elements of “Goth-Loli” cannot be separated from Japanese-Pop culture, especially “cosplay (Kosupure)” and “dolls” culture.

...Besides “Goth-Loli” girls dress themselves like a doll, they themselves are admirers of dolls, especially “ball-jointed dolls.” The tradition of this type of dolls has its origin in the work of surrealist artist Hans Bellmer, and there are a number of doll artists following this tradition in Japan. For “Goth-Loli” girls dolls are not “fetish” but their own self image, Okubo argues, because these girls imagine their body as a body of a doll, something that looks like a human but can be decomposed into pieces.
Tags: fun, japan, manga, ru
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