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У John K. в блоге замечательный пост Does Anyone Still Have A Real Job? Под ним борода комментариев.

Речь о бесполезности Linked In, бредовых обозначениях специальностей типа Develop, prioritize and execute optimizations for partners и общем упадке индустрии.

Наиболее яркие цитаты из поста и комментариев собраны тут.

Can you imagine bosses dumb enough to hire someone on the basis of all this mumbo-jumbo? It must happen because so many people have job descriptions like this and people in charge believe it's somehow useful to spend a lot of money on fake jobs, while sending the real jobs to India and Korea and China.

There are a lot of theories about why the world economy has broken down. Mine is that nobody wants to actually do anything real anymore. Everyone is a manager of some group of researchers in the world of branding, social media (add your own trendy buzz-word) or focus testing. Or they are consultants for businesses that they have never actually worked in.


if you hire somebody that is supposed to do something concrete and doesn't it reflects on you. If you hire somebody that just goes to meetings all day, you get promoted


Business people love to say as little as possible in as many words as possible.


When you read a book, you stop, you close it, and you analyze it. In a web you're reading an opinion of a person on Wilde but have no idea of who this guy is, what does he know, and where he comes from. What's worse, you concentrate more on that wandering and wasting your time in seeing HOW you're going to reply to that asshole who criticizes Wilde----
instead of saying to yourself, "this guy is an asshole", close the book, and bring it back to the library and just read another book.


Within the last 15 years, many USA "businesses" has moved from manufacturing products to manipulating information.

Дальше под катом

I think when corporations get too big, they stop thinking about making products and instead fill 57 stories of their skyscrapers with managers, middle managers, experts and consultants, none of whom have ever made anything with their hands. - Certainly not the product that the corporation ultimately wants to sell - if they sell anything at all. There are huge corporations now that don't seem to produce anything - consulting firms, ad agencies, some of the well known internet giants...


Even in animation, we now have lots of job categories that for the life of me I can't figure out their purpose: Concept Artist, Storyboard Revisionist, Note-Givers, not to mention the armies of executive producers that fill up the opening credits of many cartoons. I get all kinds of crazy skills described in animation graduate resumes. It's never "I can animate" "I can clean up and inbetween" or "I can do background layout". It's always management jobs or directing and designing and concept art - basically starting at the top. Not many want to do the actual work on a job anymore. I guess the schools must encourage that; I don't really know.


I think I almost do something. I report to 10 people indirectly. Most of these people sit around and chit-chat all day and then come and ask me for a status update at the end of the day.

If you try and accomplish a lot then these roadblocks come out of nowhere because (1) you'll make other people look bad and (2) management may have an extra page of work indirectly out of your work.

Most people are content with this and sit on the Internet 90% of the day or more. There's consultants working in my group and any time you walk by that area they are all on the Internet. Worse - if you ask them something they tell you to come back because they are busy (and they're on looking for stuff to buy).


I'm not sure what can be done to fix the animation industry. We're almost approaching the 50th anniversary of it becoming a soulless sausage factory. Less executives and more artists is definitely a good start, but how do we even begin to implement that?


Those who want to survive in today's labor market should never, Never, NEVER, show anger while on the job!!!


Imagine how much more efficient and cost effective the world would be if people still made things and we eliminated all the experts and managers and consultants with vague job descriptions that stop things from getting made by people who actually know how to make them.


The purpose of LinkedIn, in case anyone was in doubt, is SOLELY to give recruiters ("headhunters") a way to match job openings with people with (allegedly) appropriate skills (and thereby make a commission -- yet another form of "middlemen").

That's it. It's the equivalent of Zillow or the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in real estate.


Oh, and don't get me started on job descriptions. You have to have an MBA just to figure out what they mean.


I'm in college and they're actually teaching me these buzzwords for my job. They still make very little sense.

Learning them by rote has so far proven less effective than simply reading Dilbert strips, looking at the joke definitions of the corporate phrases, and applying them. I'm serious, it's been more useful than the textbook. That says more about the kind of nonsense you're criticizing than the value of Dilbert itself.
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