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И о погоде

В блоге у Ritholtz под заголовком Japanese Response to Fukushima Worse than USSR to Chernobyl собраны материалы про Факушиму. В основном отсюда

A “culture of coverup” and inadequate cleanup efforts have combined to leave Japanese people exposed to “unconscionable” health risks nine months after last year’s meltdown of nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant, health experts say.
International authorities have urged Japan to expand the exclusion zone around the plant to 80 kilometres but the government has instead opted to “define the problem out of existence” by raising the permissible level of radiation exposure for members of the public to 20 millisieverts per year, considerably higher than the international standard of one millisievert per year, Gould adds.
Как говорится, кто бы сомневался. У самураев не просто совок, но совок идейный с доверием и подчинением. Современные технологии с феодальными отношениями. И отбитым идеей о реинкарнации чувством самосохранения.
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