vit_r (vit_r) wrote,

Про сказочное и чудесное

IIRC, the now defunct company, Project Technology (bought by Mentor Graphics),
did a study that showed that different experienced Shlaer-Mellor (OOA,
Executable UML) analysts would produce the same model for a given problem space
(domain). The theory is that there is one correct model for a given problem

The implications of the theory are why not many Executable UML model examples
can be easily found; any Executable UML model developed for XYZ company could be
reused, as is, by it's competitors at the cost of the Executable UML tools and
some minimal training. There is no equivalent in 3GL-level reuse. (3GL-level
includes not only 3GL code, but models existing at the same level of

Фигня только в том, что современные агильные программисты соотносятся с этими different experienced Shlaer-Mellor (OOA, Executable UML) analysts также как слесаря к членам академии наук. Не в том дело, что ни тупее, просто между ними пропасть.
Tags: agile, en, it, management, ru
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