vit_r (vit_r) wrote,

Сказки из страны самураев

Можно ли смеяться, читая про ядерные катастрофы? Вообще-то это не хорошо. Но постепенно становится сложно сдерживаться. Ещё примерчик из книжки
In May 1994, newspapers had revealed that seventy kilograms of plutonium dust and waste had gathered in the pipes and conveyors of the Tokai plant; Donen had known of the missing plutonium (enough to bild as many as twenty nuclear bombs) but did nothing about it until the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) demanded an accounting. To this day, Donen claims to have no idea where the plutonium is clustered or how to remove it. We know that the plutonium is there, an official said. It's just held up in the system.
Tags: crisis, en, japan, management, ru
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