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Про аниме и Tsutomu Miyazaki Case

Unfortunately, people like to label each other as being "with us, our against us." Hence, thanks to Miyazaki Tsutomu they associate it as "Miyazaki was an otaku, hence all otakus are fucked up." Congratulations Mr. Miyazaki Tsutomu, you are hated even more since us Japanese otakus despise you because you are the reason that caused us to be branded as "fucked up losers."

So going back to the question with this aside..."how do Japanese view people who watch anime/manga?"

As your Japanese friend has mentioned, yes we are considered to be "childish losers." Why? Because of the above mentioned incident.
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Просто удивительно, насколько напомминает разговоры в среде игрушечников после стрельбы в школе. Думаю, если ещё в Германии какой школьник перестреляет одноклассников, эгошуттерам придётся несладко.

А в Штатах почти то же самое произошло с индустрией комиксов. Правда, там ввели цензуру. Но по аналогичным причинам.
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