August 10th, 2015



Вот, думаю, добавлять в профиль или лучше не рисковать. Ирония у большинства немцев отсутствует. Особенно, у менеджеров.

Remarkable achievements:[Spoiler (click to open)]
- 365/7/24 high availability high performance cluster was sent into nirvana with single SQL request from an ordinary user account without any administrative privileges.
(The security weakness in configuration parameters was analyzed and removed by database administration team.)
- A mysterious Informix bug was found. It had produced wrong results in old scripts by coincidence of rare conditions.
(The case was discussed with IBM and had initiated several changes in old scripts.)
- Several bugs were found in old Informix scripts which were many years in production.
- After many years in analytical, managing and consulting positions first hand experience in problems and drawbacks of an agile environment was collected and analyzed. Effective methods for flexible quality control and goal oriented planning were developed and tested in real work conditions.