August 28th, 2014


Про мангу и мангу

Sumika Sumire
Josei, Romance, Supernatural

Kisaragi Sumi continuously took care of her parents and grandmother until she turned 60 years old without ever falling in love.

One day, after her mother's funeral service, a cat calling himself Rei appeared and granted her wish to bring back her youth. What happens when Sumi gets a second chance in life as a 17-year-old high schooler?!

aerobaka / Today, 03:44 PM
As a 60-year-old male, I find this story very interesting because, even at this age, most of us never forget our lives as teens and young adults and usually retain allot of our personality from that period. Also, in many ways we are always changing, while keeping our roots. All you have to do to see is attend a high school reunion and watch the folks you knew as 16-year-olds act much the same, even after 50 years! (I still have a crush today on the same read-head girl from then!)