May 21st, 2013


Про мангу и мангу

As key Western political ideas based on the freedom of the individual have been abandoned, the social structures and youth cultures of Western societies have become increasingly similar to those of Japan. As the belief in individual freedom has become more uncertain in America and Britain during the 1990s, then so its youth culture has become less assertive. Young people in the America and Britain have been encouraged to question whether individualism - so long taken for granted - is a good thing, or not.

Many young people have become confused about what exactly a strong individual should act like anyway. In this regard, British youth have become more like Japanese youth. On a practical level too, in European societies with rapidly decreasing social and political freedoms, becoming an autonomous and independent individual has become an increasingly difficult proposition. Riot Grrl and Babe fashion in Europe and America express the sentiments of new people who are certain that they will be able to gain nothing of substance from their adult lives.

Если я вижу кого-то от шестнадцати до двадцати пяти в магазине увлечённо листающего книжку, то это в девятнадцати случаях из двадцати перед перед полкой с мангой. Тенденция растёт.

Так что, российские патриоты не правы. Защищать молодёжь надо не от насилия и секса, а от кавая.