January 14th, 2012


Про работу реальную и менеджерскую

У John K. в блоге замечательный пост Does Anyone Still Have A Real Job? Под ним борода комментариев.

Речь о бесполезности Linked In, бредовых обозначениях специальностей типа Develop, prioritize and execute optimizations for partners и общем упадке индустрии.

Наиболее яркие цитаты из поста и комментариев собраны тут.

Can you imagine bosses dumb enough to hire someone on the basis of all this mumbo-jumbo? It must happen because so many people have job descriptions like this and people in charge believe it's somehow useful to spend a lot of money on fake jobs, while sending the real jobs to India and Korea and China.

There are a lot of theories about why the world economy has broken down. Mine is that nobody wants to actually do anything real anymore. Everyone is a manager of some group of researchers in the world of branding, social media (add your own trendy buzz-word) or focus testing. Or they are consultants for businesses that they have never actually worked in.


if you hire somebody that is supposed to do something concrete and doesn't it reflects on you. If you hire somebody that just goes to meetings all day, you get promoted


Business people love to say as little as possible in as many words as possible.


When you read a book, you stop, you close it, and you analyze it. In a web you're reading an opinion of a person on Wilde but have no idea of who this guy is, what does he know, and where he comes from. What's worse, you concentrate more on that wandering and wasting your time in seeing HOW you're going to reply to that asshole who criticizes Wilde----
instead of saying to yourself, "this guy is an asshole", close the book, and bring it back to the library and just read another book.


Within the last 15 years, many USA "businesses" has moved from manufacturing products to manipulating information.

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