February 22nd, 2011


Про пользу "дурацких" картинок

Откопал сайт Neil Cohn по визуальным языкам. Пасусь потихоньку. Пара цитат из Japanese Visual Language
Indeed, Japanese children imitate Standard JVL [Japanese Visual Language] in their figures in extremely high proportions (and increasingly outside of Japan), often leading to higher proficiency in graphic creation than children from other parts of the world (Wilson 2000; Cox et al. 2001)
copying from manga may actually prevent a drop-off in drawing ability that seems to occur during puberty for children in most cultures except Japan (Toku 2001)

Кто пробовал копировать Дональда или Астерикса, не говоря уже об американских суперменов, фишку поймут.

Wilson, Brent. 2000. Becoming Japanese: Manga, Children’s Drawings, and the Construction of National Character. Visual Arts Research 25 (2):48-60. (только платный доступ)
Cox, Maureen V., Masuo Koyasu, Hiromasa Hiranuma, and Julian Perara. 2001. Children’s human figure drawings in the UK and Japan: The effects of age, sex, and culture. British Journal of Developmental Psychology 19:275-292. (только платный доступ)
Toku, Masami. 2001. What is Manga?: The Influence of Pop-culture in Adolescent Art

Про оутсоурсинг

...the 787's global outsourcing strategy — specifically intended to slash Boeing's costs — backfired completely.

"We spent a lot more money in trying to recover than we ever would have spent if we'd tried to keep the key technologies closer to home," Albaugh told his large audience of students and faculty.

Boeing was forced to compensate, support or buy out the partners it brought in to share the cost of the new jet's development, and now bears the brunt of additional costs due to the delays.

Some Wall Street analysts estimate those added costs at between $12 billion and $18 billion, on top of the $5 billion Boeing originally planned to invest.


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Про мотивацию

Если поставить рядом два монитора и запустит на одном какой-нибудь примитивный (мульт)фильм, стахановские марши переносятся значительно легче. И почти нет негатива по отношению к тем, кто произвёл исходную информацию и тулы, которым это непотребство надо скормить.

Жалко в нормальное время подобный фон воспримут не правильно.