July 31st, 2010


Про надёжные и "надёжные" методы

I remember an anesthesiologist telling me that a certain surgical procedure was like baking a cake: There are twenty-three steps, and only after the last step does it look like a cake. At every intermediate step, it looks like a mess. To the untrained eye, Fieldstone writing also looks like a mess at every stage - until the book emerges magically at the end.

That's probably why teachers prefer to teach the cotton candy bricklaying method. At every step in the development of an outlined book, it looks like a book. The only problem is that even the last step may not produce a book, but only something that just looks like a book.

Weinberg on Writing by Gerald M. Weinberg, p.97

Тот момент, где популярные методики aqile не отличимы от "методов индустриального производства"