June 29th, 2010


Хозяйке на заметку

Интересная статья с рассчётами и цифрами про пузырь вокруг Apps.
В принципе, подсчитано то, о чём все и так догадывались.
The development of the typical app cost $35,000 and the median paid app earns $682 dollars per year after Apple took its cut. You see where this is going.. We get to break even on our App Development costs in... 51 years

...HALF of all developers of paid apps will do worse than this! Can you understand why I preach to the industry, yes, there is money in mobile but for heaven's sake, please do not invest your precious creativity on any smartphone apps today. Its utterly a fool's errand.

What I have been telling my readers and followers and this blog and in my books, that the real money is in true mass market services like SMS, MMS and WAP.

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