March 6th, 2010


Про культурные различия

И вот идет пресс-конференция. Сидят директор музея-мемориала, разные официальные лица, представители еврейских организаций, советский ветеран.

И вот встает журналистка из России и говорит:

- У меня вопрос к директору концлагеря Освенцим. Скажите, как ваш концлагерь выживает в условиях всемирного экономического кризиса?

Отсюда. Спасибо piggymouse

The Beatles fault

Many smart people who lived through the 60s noticed that the whole western world reversed its basic philosophy. We went from the lofty western ideals of progress, logic and common sense to a world bathed and blinded by eastern mysticism - which is why everything sucks so bad now.

про мультики

Как гибнут стартапы

Сравнивая анимацию и ИТ нахожу всё больше и больше параллелей
The safest project I ever worked on is Ren and Stimpy. It cost around 6 million bucks and brought in a billion bucks or more. That happened in the last age of blandness and changed things slightly - for awhile.

All we did was make common sense entertainment for kids. We gave them what we knew that kids want. No market research, no focus testing, no marketing budget. We merely entertained. There was only one executive and she encouraged our natural entertaining abilities.

Then they took it over, spent way more money on it, killed it and it took them another 10 years and billions of dollars in non hits, piles of executives, market testing and more waste until they finally got another one. That was a very risky, illogical, crapshoot way to go.

Читаю про мультики

Bland is safe

Почему Винды так фиговы, почему большинство сайтов похожи в своём убожестве, почему мобильники до iPhone были так безлики...
Being bland is a strategy big studios use to guarantee audiences won't hate their product. Thus guaranteeing a profit will be made.

This is not an argument about making good entertainment - it is about being a safe studio.

This strategy is not good for making audiences love your work, it's only good at making audiences not hate your work. This is an important distinction.


- with a generic/bland character, you don't have to worry about your audience hating the character, because there is not enough substance to hate. It'd be like hating a blank piece of paper. What is there to dislike?
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So the big studio keeps their eyes on the smaller studios - the ones that are experimenting - and then when a smaller studio has success, the big studio will superficially copy their experiment and make a guaranteed profit.

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