June 16th, 2009


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Bing vs. Google
- Attention on the sponsored links located above the organic results was similarly high for both Bing and Google. Over 90% of participants looked in that area during each search...
- However, sponsored links on the right attracted more attention on Bing (~42% of participants per search) than they did on Google (~25% of participants per search).
- Another difference between Bing and Google involved related searches. On Bing, related searches are shown on the left, right below the categories, while on Google, related searches are below the organic search results, towards the bottom of the page. Bing's related searches had a much higher visibility than Google's, attracting the attention of 31% of participants per search. Google's related searches attracted the attention of only 5% of participants per search.
- Bing's categories displayed on the left attracted much more attention than the flyouts. Half of the participants discovered the categories and three participants even selected a category to refine their search. Each of these three participants chose to use the categories on subsequent searches, which suggests potential value.

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ADC*E Award - 2009
The Art Directors Club of Europe’s philosophy is to foster and reward creativity as the expression of local genius by honouring design and advertising excellence inspired by many local and different cultures.

D&AD Awards - 2009
Since 1962 D&AD has recognised outstanding work in design and advertising.
in the dark of subconsciousness

"Google would pay nothing..."

According to Mr. Taxali, the Google representative explained that the project will let users customize Google Chrome pages with artist-designed “skins” in their borders.

“The first question I asked,” Mr. Taxali said in a recent interview, “is ‘What’s the fee?’”

Mr. Taxali said that when he was told Google would pay nothing, he declined.
“When a company like Google comes out very publicly and expects that the market would just give them free artwork, it sets a very dangerous precedent.”
“We don’t feel comfortable releasing the names of artists who are participating in the project before it launches,” stated the company, which also declined to give a date when artwork from the program would appear on Google Chrome. “However, we are currently working with dozens of artists who are excited about the opportunity to be involved in this project.”

NYT: Use Their Work Free? Some Artists Say No to Google

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