March 17th, 2009

in the dark of subconsciousness

Studio Ghibli & Toyota

Как пишут например тут студия Ghibili открывает новый центр обучения аниматоров. Интересно, есть ли в этом сакральный смысл..
Informally called Ghibli West, the studio will be situated in Toyota's R&D center in Aichi Prefecture in western Japan.

Beginning in April, Ghibli will dispatch 20 new hires to the studio for a two-year course to learn animation techniques while being exposed to robotics and other Toyota technologies. Studio supremo Miyazaki and other veteran Ghibli animators will give lectures.
The intent is to give students an appreciation for the traditional handcrafting skills still found at the automaker.

This training, [Ghibli producer and former prexy Toshio] Suzuki believes, will make them a better fit with the Studio Ghibli aesthetic, which blends handmade animation with the latest digital technology.