December 22nd, 2008

in the dark of subconsciousness

Всё чудастее и чудастее...

Nearly every bank AP questioned -- including Citibank and Bank of America, two of the largest recipients of bailout money -- responded with generic public relations statements explaining that the money was being used to strengthen balance sheets and continue making loans to ease the credit crisis.

A few banks described company-specific programs, such as JPMorgan Chase's plan to lend $5 billion to nonprofit and health care companies next year. Richard Becker, senior vice president of Wisconsin-based Marshall & Ilsley Corp., said the $1.75 billion in bailout money allowed the bank to temporarily stop foreclosing on homes.

But no bank provided even the most basic accounting for the federal money.
in the dark of subconsciousness

Нацистская символика в Германии запрещена

Но, если вы залёные или левые. Если вы устроили тусовку посреди города. Если вы кричите, что вы боретесь с нацизмом.
То вот такое можно спокойно повесить на главную триумфальную арку на обозрение всех посещающих Сан-Суси туристов.

Впрочем, свастики есть и в самом Сан-Суси