December 3rd, 2008

in the dark of subconsciousness

A brilliant question for an interview

One other quote from Chris Miner
Ask the interviewee to draw a UML diagram. This is a great one for putting potential candidates in their place. The cleverness of this technique lies in its simplicity. Not only do you give them a smack down before they get started at your firm (which softens them up for salary negotiations), it leaves them expecting more from your company than you'll be able to deliver. It says: "Here, we work in Teams that need efficient notation for communication with one another". Of course that's not true, but the candidate doesn't know that. Yet.

With such questions one hints at a level of coordination and togetherness that few companies can deliver on. This means the new hire will be demoralized within the first 3 months without you having to do anything at all. Try it out at your next interview.

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