October 24th, 2008


Alan Greenspan: Несколько примечательных цитат

( В дополнение к теме Про тех, кто "немного ошибся" )

Alan Greenspan is the most famous bureaucrat since Pontius Pilate. Like Pilate, he hesitated, but ultimately gave the mob what it wanted. Not blood, but bubbles. Greenspan's role in the empire is more than that of a Consul or a Proconsul. He is the Prefect. He is the quartermaster who makes sure empire has the financial resources it needs to ruin itself.
Greenspan's Bubble: What Hath Alan Wrought? by Bill Bonner

Ну да, в принципе ничего нового. Хотя, отсылка к Пилату гораздо тоньше, чем кажется. Collapse )