January 11th, 2007


A quote: JohnK, personal styles

I see a lot of modern cartoonists who think they have personal styles that are so brilliant and original, that they transcend the need of having basic visual communication tools, and in fact modern animation executives believe this and encourage it as well. It is encouraged to be a visual (and verbal) illiterate, as if executives at Nasa believed that you could find a gifted caveman who never went to school, never rode in any kind of vehicle, has glimpsed a wheel once and is therefore qualified to build the next rocket to Mars. Cartoon shorts program thinking.

This is all very sad, ugly and very real today


A quote: JohnK, joy to cartoons

Today's cartoons-as well as TV, movies and music all seem to be intended to make you depressed and see the ugly side of life. A little of that would be OK, but everywhere I look or listen, I am bombarded by insults and offences to my senses. This is a fairly modern attitude in culture. It started in the 70s and has grown more grim with each passing decade.

My goal is to bring back some joy to cartoons and a reason to be proud to be human. Yes there are ugly things in the world and we shouldn't ignore them, but why do we glorify them in all walks of culture now?